19 June 2018

New: Eurol ATF 7400 for Mercedes 9-speed transmissions

Eurol introduces ATF 7400, an automatic transmission oil that complies with the new Mercedes MB236.17 specification. ATF 7400 is suitable for the new Mercedes Benz 9-speed transmissions, but it is also an all-round automatic transmission oil for other car types and models.

In comparison with 3, 4, and 7-speed transmissions, a 9-speed transmission has a much wider range so that the engine reaches its optimum RPM more often and for longer intervals. This technology demands more of the transmission oil, and Eurol’s ATF 7400 meets all the requirements. The Mercedes Benz 9-speed transmission also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Eurol ATF 7400:

  • complies with MB specifications 236.12, 14, 15, and 17, making it a must for all Mercedes specialists
  • also meets the OEM specifications of VW, BMW, Mitsubishi, Aisin Warner, and others, making it an ideal transmission oil for all auto repair shops
  • provides wear protection right up until the next oil change, ensuring optimum transmission performance
  • provides excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion, and foaming, guaranteeing constant high performance
  • is available in 1, 20, and 60-litre packaging (the 20-litre containers are ideal for repair shops with an ATF flush machine)
  • is available under Eurol article number E113647

Product specifications for Eurol ATF 7400

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