Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC
Artikelnummer: E504014

Silicate free long-life coolant for PSA B71 5110


Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC has especially been developed for the cooling systems according to modern engine requirements of the Peugeot & Citroën car manufacturers. Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC is an ethylene glycol based coolant that provides long-life corrosion protection by the use of special corrosion inhibitors for engine manufactured cooling systems from cast iron, aluminium or combinations of the two metals. Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC prevents from scale formation, foam-building, sludge formation and leakage. The product does not affect rubber, plastics, metals, aluminum or its alloys. Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC can be used in all cooling systems made of aluminium and ferrous alloys. Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC provides a permanent, guaranteed protection against freezing up to -36 °C and has to be used undiluted. Never top-up with water. Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC is silicate, amine, borate, nitrite and phosphate free. Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC is compatible with most other coolants based on silicate free ethylene glycol. However, an exclusive use of Eurol Coolant -36°C PSC is strongly recommended for optimum corrosion protection and sludge control.


Performance level
  • PSA B71 5110

Specific values

Color Blau
Density at 20°C 1.07 kg/l
Pour point -36 °C