Eurol Oxycleaner
Artikelnummer: E602340

Acid detergent for severe pollutions


Eurol Oxycleaner is a strong, acid detergent with an extremely high cleaning capability for a wide use. It is extremely suitable for removing severe contaminations like oil, scale and oxidation/rust. Eurol Oxycleaner is formulated from environment-friendly components with good biodegradability. Due to the special corrosion inhibitor, metals will not start to corrode again after treatment with Eurol Oxycleaner. Depending on the material and surface, Eurol Oxycleaner needs a maximum of 30 minutes acting time. Never let the surface get dry completely, rinse with plenty of water. Mixing ratio: 1:1 up to 1:10 (depending on the degree of pollution) Eurol Oxycleaner reacts strongly with caustic soda. Not to be used on limestone and marble. If there is uncertainty on the stability of the surface, it is recommended to test the product on an inconspicuous place. Store above 0°C


Specific values

Flash point 100 °C