Research & Development

Continuously developing and improving

Eurol has its own R&D department where our engineers are continuously developing and improving our products and technologies. This work includes the Triple-Tech Additives technology in our chain sprays, the unique formulations of our additives, and the SYNGIS Technology in the Specialty Lubricants line. Our engineers are the experts that form the basis of our extensive, high-quality product range.

Quality through measurement

To carefully monitor the quality of our products, measurements are made throughout the production process. We have a laboratory with the most advanced testing and measuring equipment for just this purpose. From raw material to final product, every step in the process is checked to ensure total quality control during production.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Our products have been approved by leading motor vehicle manufacturers. As such, Eurol has ‘O.E.M. approval letters’ for various lubricants.

Both existing and new products are tested under controlled conditions, including laboratory testing and the use of test benches. This is followed by real-world tests to measure load duration and peak loads.

Dakar as a test platform

The best way for us to test our products in practice is in the professional motorsport industry, where lubricants must meet the most demanding requirements. The conditions during a rally or race are unpredictable, so our lubricants must have sufficient reserves to handle those extreme loads. The most demanding field test for our products is the Dakar Rally, with its maelstrom of the most extreme conditions, including sudden temperature changes and high compression loads in combination with sand and water. The Eurol Dakar teams take samples, which we analyse extensively. We then extract valuable information from these analyses that serve as input for further research and product development.