Eurol Specialty Lubricants

The specialist in high-tech lubrication

The next step in the development of Specialty lubricants

With its ‘Specialty Lubricants’, Eurol offers a line of high-quality products that help save costs and increase efficiency. The SYNGIS Technology used in the Specialty Lubricants ensures that their lubricating and protective properties optimize one another under extreme conditions.

Eurol Specialty Lubricants are developed for use in extreme and very variable conditions in terms of pressure load, pressure duration, temperature, humidity, and other aspects. The Specialty Lubricants range also includes food-grade certified lubricants that are suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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Years of research have gone into developing Specialty Lubricants with SYNGIS Technology. This technology, developed by Eurol’s R&D laboratory in joint collaboration with knowledge institutes, is a synergetic combination of the latest generation of additives combined with synthetic base oils and/or thickeners. This combination provides the lowest possible friction and superior protective qualities.

Demonstrable savings for customers

Martijn Pfeiffer, director of Eurol, talks about the range: ‘By using our Specialty Lubricants, customers can achieve time and cost savings. The lubricants minimize wear and tear to machine parts, reduce maintenance costs, and increase production capacity. Information about the savings we offer for our customers can be found on our website, We have formed a Specialty Lubricants team at Eurol that brings together developers, engineers, advisors, and a technical support desk. The advantage for customers is that our specialists are able to offer custom-made solutions for a wide range of technical problems relating to lubrication. We can work together with customers to develop a new lubricant. This is a far-reaching form of co-creation that clearly sets up apart from the rest.’

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