Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellow Star Start Kit
Número de artículo: E600600

Handcleaner with effective abrasive


Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellow Star is a dermatologically tested hand cleaner for cleaning heavily polluted hands. This hand cleaner is particularly suited for garages, workshops and in industrial applications. Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellow Star can be used in appropriate quantities with a convenient dispenser system. Bcause of the low viscosity of this gel-like product, it is easily pumpable and hands can easily be lathered. This hand cleaner contains Aloë Vera and Jojoba oil to avoid hands drying out. Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellow Star has a fresh citrus scent and is easily washed off by rinsing with water. Heavy pollutants such as oils and greases, rust, paint and inks are easily removed.


Specific values

Color Amarillo