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24 April 2017

Mammoet Rallysport Team wins Morocco Desert Challenge 2017

Mammoet Rallysport Team, Martin van den Brink, won the Morocco Desert Challenge. Afterwards he said: “We came here to test and to improve the truck. You need a heavy rally and that was this Morocco Desert Challenge. That’s why we drove so hard: to test the reliability.”

Van den Brink continues: “Not only did we drive well, we also tested well and we had a lot of fun. This was the greatest rally I’ve ever driven. The challenge contained a lot of nice stages with variety, difficult navigation, many miles. It was overall very exciting.”

Eurol teams
The Riwald Dakar team had also a good result, they took the P2 position. Tim Coronel finished on P5. Eurol congratulates all Eurol riders who participated in the Morocco Desert Challenge.