Eurol Fullsynt. Compr.olie 46
Artikli number: E118866

Fully synthetic compressor oil


Fully synthetic compressor oils based on PAO base stocks which are developed for the lubrication of rotating oil cooled compressors including the very critical Hydrovane compressors, as well as for reciprocating compressors (ISO-VG 100) and vacuum pumps. This oil is applicable in a very broad temperature range (-20 to 220°C) and has a good thermal and oxidation stability. Due to the limited evaporation of this oil, the oil consumption and the risk of thickening or deposit build-up are minimized.


Specific values

Color Merevaigukollane
Density at 20°C 0.854 kg/l
Viscosity, kinematic at 40°C 46 cSt
Viscosity, kinematic at 100°C 7.7 cSt
Viscosity index 134
Flash point 200 °C
Pour point -33 °C