Eurol Lithium Grease EP 0
Artikli number: E901020

Heavy duty central lubricating grease with good pumpability


Eurol Lithium EP 0 grease is a high performance EP lubricant providing protection against vibrations and high (shock) loads, without losing its capabilities. Developed for trucks and buses, equipped with a central lubrication system, in engine reductors and gearboxes for which an NLGI-0 grease is advised. This grease is semi-fluid and has a homogenous structure, providing a good pumpability, also for remote greasing. Also at low temperatures, this grease maintains its high performance level.


Performance level
  • DIN 51502: KPOK-30
  • ISO- L-XC(F)CIB0

Specific values

Color Pruunikaskollane
Density at 20°C 0.9 kg/l