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16 July 2019

Holiday by car? Five useful tips on liquids!

It’s summer holiday! Are you going on holiday by car? Here are five useful tips for the liquids to prevent problems with your car.

1. Check the engine oil level of your car

See if the engine oil and filter need to be changed. Refill the engine oil if it is below the mark. With our product advisor you will know within a few seconds which engine oil is suitable for your car.

2. Check the cooling system of your car

The reservoir of your coolant must also be sufficiently filled. Check with the Eurol product advisor which coolant is required for your car. Use preventive Eurol Radiator Sealer to protect your cooling system or as a repair product if the radiator is leaking.

3. Check the wind screen washer fluid

On holiday you often use the windscreen wipers. Good and sufficient windscreen washer fluid is essential. Eurol Summer Wash Ready To Use is an excellent cleaner, provides a fresh scent, is safe for rubbers, lacquers and polycarbonate.

4. Give your engine an extra boost

The engine of your gasoline car or diesel car needs to perform excellent during the holidays. Use a Eurol additive for improved engine power and protection. If you have engine problems, additives can help to solve these problems. Use our additives advisor to translate these problems into the best solution with corresponding product advice.

5. Bring spare fluids

If you do run into problems, it is useful to have spare engine oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid and additives in your car.

Want more tips on how to use our products? Go to our YouTube channel for instruction videos.