Eurol Delec Fluid 70-X
Numer artykułu: E302150


Eurol Delec Fluid 70-X is an aromatic-free and emulsifiable solvent which is very suitable for degreasing surfaces and parts. Preserving oils, cutting oils, lubricating oils and greases are easily removed by Eurol Delec Fluid 70-X, as well as dust, dirt and small (metal) contaminations. Eurol Delec Fluid 70-X can be used in various degreasing processes like spraying, dipping, or ultrasonic cleaning. It can easily be removed by compressed air. Operating temperatures up to 60°C are safe. Eurol Delec Fluid 70-X should be used undiluted and can be applied by immersion or by low-pressure spray gun. Allow a 5 to 10 minute acting time and then rinse with warm or cold water and/or blow dry with compressed air.


Specific values

Color Czerwony
Density at 20°C 0.802 kg/l
Flash point 63 °C
Pour point -36 °C