Eurol Graphite Grease
Номер статьи: E901072


Eurol Graphite Grease is an easily pumpable lubricating grease. The present graphite will form a lubricating film onto the surface, which has an operating temperature up till 500°C. The oil, which is also present in the grease will be evaporated at this elevated temperatures, but the graphite will provide the required lubrication. The grease will give excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation. Eurol Graphite Grease can be used at high temperatures, high pressures, variations in forces and in places where water and dirt can easily be picked up. Eurol Graphite Grease can be applied in bearings of oven conveyor-belts, plungens of hydraulic pumps and guide bearings of rollers. The grease can also be applied on packing seals of flanges and for chutes, which are used in a smithy or lumberyard.


Performance level
  • DIN KFP2K-30

Specific values

Color Черный
Density at 20°C 0.92 kg/l
NLGI consistency 2